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EYFS Reading

Guided Reading in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Guided Reading in Reception.

  • Books are initially introduced by whole class reading together/discussion about the contents of the pages/looking at the text. Books should be interesting and stimulating to all pupils, especially boys and have content that the children have a deep understanding of /easy concepts.
  • The same book should then be shared in a small group situation for example, (book corner/role play area) where all children can give their comments/look at their own copy in closer detail.
  • Teaching points should include vocabulary for parts of the book and the elements of the story/characters/ sequence of events—who, what, where, when-(Narrative Project).
  • Children should be encouraged to become the reader themselves and re-tell/re-read the story for themselves.
  • Books should be available for the children to select for themselves on an independent activity/carpet reading time (after each outdoor time-morning am/after snacks/after outdoor provision/after dinner, when the children need a relaxation activity.
  • Children should be encouraged to read the book to their friends/or an adult in the setting.
  • Following lots of ‘Real books’, reading scheme books can be introduced to the children in the same manner using the Lighthouse books and the Phonics books as appropriate.
  • Some books should be used for the children to read as unseen books so that reading behaviours can be assessed for the EYFSP.
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