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Health & Welfare

Managing Medical Needs Policy Statement.

At Arden Primary School we are an inclusive community that aims to support and welcome pupils with medical conditions. We aim to provide all pupils with medical conditions the same opportunities as others at school.

We will help to ensure they can through the following:

  • Our school ensures all staff understand their duty of care to children and young people in the event of an emergency.
  • All staff feel confident in knowing what to do in an emergency.
  • Our school understands that certain medical conditions are serious and can potentially be life threatening, particularly if ill managed or misunderstood.
  • Our school understands the importance of medication being taken as prescribed.
  • All staff understand the common medical conditions that affect the children at this school. Our school allows adequate time for staff to receive training on the impact medical conditions can have on pupils.
  • Staff receive additional training about children they may be working with who have complex health needs supported by an Individual Health Plan (IHP)

This policy is followed and understood by our school community, the Local Authority and the NHS Stockport.


We recognise that asthma is an important condition affecting many children. Inhalers are kept in the children’s classrooms and their use is monitored carefully by school staff.

All inhalers must be clearly labelled.

Medicines in School

  • If your child has medication for a medical condition, please ensure that the Headteacher and child’s class teacher are aware of this.
  • Only medicine prescribed by a doctor or authorised health care worker, will be administered in school.
  • Parents will be asked to complete a medical permission form, available from the office or school website, before any medicine is given.
  • The Headteacher is responsible for deciding whether the school can assist a pupil who requires medication.
  • School will do all it can to ensure that children with medical and special needs will have as little disruption to their education as possible.
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