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We are incredibly proud that we are the FIRST primary school in the whole of the North of England, and only the 7th in the whole country, to achieve the nationally-recognised Young Carers in Schools Gold Award! 

We are delighted to be recognised for the vital work we do with our Young Carers and are committed to continuing to build upon this in order to secure excellent outcomes for our Young Carers and their families. 


A 'Young Carer' is a child or young adult who spends time looking after or helping a member of their family who is unable to take care of everyday tasks themselves without some help. This may be due to illness, disability, mental health problems or drug and alcohol issues. The help Young Carers may give could include shopping, making meals, doing the laundry, or perhaps helping out with nursing care, e.g. giving medication or lifting someone up and downstairs or in and out of bed. Young Carers may also give their time just to be with someone when they need company.

Young Carers are a very hidden group and often experience negative impacts on their education, health and development as a result of their caring responsibilities at home.

When Young Carers are identified (if they were not already known to us), we can refer to Signpost. Between Signpost and Young Carers, we deliver targeted interventions, leading to improvements in attendance and attainment - along with support for families. We currently run monthly meetings for our Young Carers and have check ins with them each week to support them and their families.

The professional events at Signpost are a chance to share local and national developments and best practice and also include interactive training for school staff, to gain skills in delivering awareness-raising and support activities for young carers in their schools.


Ms Garner

Pastoral Manager


Miss Copeland

Learning Mentor



Being a Young Carer, or a family member of a Young Carer, may feel lonely or confusing. There is no need to feel on your own - help is available!

You can contact Signpost Stockport for Carers, the School Nurse or anyone in school for further help or support.


Signpost Stockport for Carers is an independent local charity who have been supporting carers for more than 30 years. If you’re a Stockport carer or caring for somebody living in Stockport, we’re here for you.

A carer is anyone providing help to a friend, neighbour or relative who could not manage without them because of frailty, illness, addiction or disability. Carers often don’t recognise themselves as ‘carers’; they just think of themselves as helping out somebody they care about.

Signpost can be reached via their website:

Or via telephone:
0161 442 0442

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